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At Learn Fountain, we believe everyone should have the opportunity for stability and upward mobility by building and developing the skills of the future. With evaluations, learning paths and courses published by industry experts, our platform helps businesses and individuals close skills gaps in critical areas, drive ROI and deliver on key objectives. To do this we must enrich the lives of our instructors and our students by providing training, insight, and access to the best online sales platforms and market research that leads to scalability and profitability. 


Our vision draws on the basic elements of ROI driven development, which employs tactical online marketing and intuitive response to market-based feedback and data analysis. We believe project-based learning is crucial to the development process for success. Our framework is built on proven systems and processes supplemented by a collaborative and highly experienced community to drive creativity and exchanges of new ideas in order to achieve the outcome of enterprise growth.


We offer e-commerce professionals and companies a platform that will keep them current on the latest changes and emerging technologies in the e-commerce space. Our courses are delivered by a network of expert publishers renowned in their respective fields. The courses are recorded webinars, visual and written course curriculum and exclusive resource information. Each course is structured to meet the specific needs of that learning pathway so that students become real drivers of ROI objectives.


At Learn Fountain, we promote an environment where students can share and develop ideas in a supportive atmosphere. We encourage the cultivation of creativity by keeping a direct line of communication between Instructor and student.

On my honor I will do my duty as an instructor;


To know my student and their interests and objectives


To put the interest of my student first, ahead of my own


To be an active online merchant so that my techniques are actionable, relevant and updated


To do everything possible, within my means, to help the student succeed with his/her online business


To learn to love my student to the extent that they know it


To motivate my students in order to push through to mental breakthroughs that will help them succeed and achieve their objectives


To hold my students accountable to homework assignments, and other plans of action that are the basis for success.

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